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Welcome to SilicaWaters.com, the online shop where you can buy  ACILIS by Spritzer® natural silica water and benefit from the ground breaking discoveries scientists have uncovered about its positive qualities.

For scientists at Keele University using  ACILIS by Spritzer® have proven its powers to remove potential body contamination by ubiquitous aluminium.

Find out about significant discoveries by the world leading authority on aluminium and silicon, Professor Christopher Exley, head of Keele University Aluminium and Silicon Research Group. Click here to find out more:


To support Keele University research by Professor Exley’s team view:


Also discover how silica’s  properties can promote collagen in your body to boost tissue-connectivity that keep skin soft, hair shiny, nails strong and joints supple.

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SilicaWaters.com’s  new ACILIS by Spritzer bottled water from the Malaysian rainforest is used exclusively by scientists at Keele University in ground breaking research.

The university team led by Professor Christopher Exley, a world authority on aluminium and its connection with silicon, has proven that ACILIS silica water from Malaysia possesses a richness in highly diluted silicic acid that has the power to remove the neuro-toxicity of aluminium from humans.

ACILIS by Spritzer silica water will be donating 10% of sales towards further Keele research by Professor Exley, in clinical trials to test his determination that drinking ACILIS may be a precautionary lifestyle choice in helping to remove neuro-toxic aluminium contamination in the body and particularly the brain.

The silica content of the water also boosts body collagen for better tissue-connectivity that gives anti-ageing qualities including softer skin, stronger nails, supple joints and deters hair loss.

ACILIS by Spritzer silica water 400ml is available online from www.SilicaWaters.com

Coming soon: ACILIS in 1.5 litre bottle 

Mineral Content (Average analysis mg/L): Silica 55.2

Potassium 3.1; Calcium 36; Magnesium 3.7; Bicarbonate 93; Sulphate 22.1; Chloride 0.78; Total dissolved solids 198; pH 7.10

BPA Free Bottle: Our ACILIS by Spritzer bottles are BPA free. They come in PET Polyester plastic, officially approved for bottled water as it is inert, and free of BPA Polycarbonate with its negative properties.

JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION about the benefits of silica-rich water on the DISCUSSION FORUM  Xxxxx-Xxxx.com

(The name of the above website link is hidden to comply with Trading Standards. This prohibits linking a product to a health claim that has not been ratified by the EU. According to a report in the Sunday Times on March 19, 2017,  the UK food industry seems to have given up on this authority. For the number of research projects submitted to the EU  was in single figures over the past 10 years, and less than a handful received ratification. The newspaper reported that the UK food industry was urging Britain to abandon this regulatory body when we leave the EU, and set up a UK equivalent with a less negative and more progressive approach to emerging science)



Buy ACILIS by Spritzer® silica water launch discount 55p per bottle

Comp Acilis Group

Prof Chris Exley speaking at Acilis Launch

Latest Testimonials about Acilis

Tegan Philp, Marketing Partnerships Manager, College of Naturopathic Medicine: The water was really delicious, and smooth. It tasted much better than other bottled waters and of course better than tap water too. I would definitely be recommending it, and using it myself especially in a world where you really don’t know what is in your water. As a nutritionist, water quality concerns me. Fluoride and other toxins present in tape water cause nutrients to be depleted and harm the body.


Tegan Philp, College of Naturopathic Medicine: I would definitely be recommending it,

Crisp, clean, refreshing, very enjoyable to drink everyday, the health benefits are an added bonus! Julian Leese – Cheshire

Crisp, clean, refreshing – the health benefits are an added bonus! Julian Leese – Cheshire

‘What is there not to like about Acilis? A great taste and an even better feeling of wellbeing knowing that it is helping to protect your body against the ravages of aluminium!’ – Professor Christopher Exley, head of Keele University Aluminium and Silicon Research Group, and a world authority on the connection between aluminium and silicon

Prof Exley on Acilis: “A great taste and a protection against the ravages of aluminium”


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 New Petition launching soon

A new Parliamentary Petition will be launched soon calling for aluminium to be labelled on products. Watch this space for more news soon.

First time here

ACILIS by Spritzer® natural silica water comes to the UK and Europe for the first time from its source deep beneath the protected Malaysian rainforest.

Used in research by scientists at Keele University in the UK, every bottle of ACILIS by Spritzer® sold in the UK will see 10% of the net price donated to ongoing clinical research at Keele. Click on the Al brain donation logo here to find out more

Donating to Research with every bottle sold

Under stealth attack from neurotoxic metal?

Living as we do the ‘aluminium age’, are we at risk of succumbing to an insidious attack  from a common subtance that is invading our bodies by stealth? The ubiquitous substance in question is ALUMINIUM, which just happens to be the most abundant metal on the Earth’s crust. Only in modern times has it become a significant part of our daily lives – but could it really be a potential threat? And what can we do about it?

Scientists have proven that drinking silica water like ACILIS by Spritzer has the power to remove aluminium from the body, together with the neurotoxins associated with it. So consuming natural silica water daily as a precaution against neurological disorders could help as part of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s everywhere: Aluminium is lurking everywhere, not only in pots and pans, cling film, cooking foil, and drink cans. It’s also frequently added to our tap water, our food, medications and vacinations. It’s even added to some formula milk for babies.

But aluminium hardly ever appears on the content list on food and drink packaging.

What can we do about it? A new Parliamentary Petition will soon be launched calling for the content of aluminium to be clearly shown on packaging in future. Watch this space for updates.

Health watchdogs’ view

Health watchdogs maintain aluminium contamination in humans is harmless, but growing research by scientists around the world is rapidly suggesting otherwise. Aluminium ingestion and its effects on the human body are now the subject of intensive scientific research across the world.

Write to your MP

“Write to your MP if you think it is wrong that aluminium content in food and drink packaging is not listed,” says Prof Chris Exley, of Keele University’s Aluminium and Silcon Research Group and a world authority on the connection between aluminium and silicon.


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