Food police keeping public in the dark ?

Dr Chuah Chaw Teo, Executive Director at Spritzer, Professor Christopher Exley, from Keele University and Rex Garratt, of

Food police keeping public in the dark ?

Policing food and drink to make sure it is safe and sound for us to consume makes common sense. But do our food police in the shape of local council Trading Standards sometimes over exceed themselves if it prevents the public from knowing more about scientific research aimed at safeguarding long term health?

Take the recent ground breaking discovery by scientists at Keele University, led by Professor Christopher Exley – a world authority on the natural connection between aluminium and silicon – who have clinically proven that a natural water rich in the mineral silicon – called ACILIS by Spritzer from the Malaysian rainforest –  has the power to naturally remove neuro-toxic aluminium from the human body.

After years of being exposed to this man made neuro-toxic metal not only in pots, pans, cans, kitchen foil and cling film; humans are also ingesting it much more insidiously as aluminium salt -widely added in food (particularly bakery), baby formula milk, medications, cosmetics and  controversially – vaccinations, and even our tap water!

Such research has upset conventional medical thinking by suggesting that ingesting this neuro-toxic metal may well be a contributory factor to that neural condition reaching epidemic proportion in this modern age – namely Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other disorders associated with the brain’s neurons including  Parkinson’s Disease, MS – and autism., the UK distributors of  ACILIS, have striven to work closely with Cheshire East Council Trading  Standards over the past 12 months,  and have so been billed over £1,000 for advice from council officials in the department to ensure reference towards the benefits of drinking ACILIS are linked only with scientific research and claims already commonly associated with silicon.

Donating to Research with every bottle sold


But by pledging to donate 10% of  UK sales of ACILIS to future research into the connection between silicon and aluminium at Keele, and being the actual water used in on-going scientific research, Trading Standards officials seem to have asserted that ACILIS is making a health claim that is unauthorised by the EU food standards agency.

And they have warned that the distributor, will be breach of compliance if the name of Acilis appears on a new website called dedicated as a discussion forum for people interested in debating the potential benefits of silica-rich water. Likewise, according to Trading  Standards, the website is not allowed to mention or have links with the discussion platform either.

Even though careful not to overstate the Keele research team’s future research into their hypothesis that regularly drinking silica-rich water may well be a lifestyle precaution against the onset of possible neurological disorders,  have been told by Trading Standards that mentioning Alzheimer’s at all on their website would appear to be regarded as an unauthorised health claim.

According to Trading Standards, the very mention of ACILIS in association with Alzheimer’s would be interpreted as a health claim, despite no such assertion being made at all in their website wording associated with the Keele research work discovery.

Prof Chris Exley of Keele University…uncovering aluminium’s dirty little secrets

Professor Exley himself confirmed: “I have carefully read all that is written on the Silicawaters and Silica-Rich websites, and in my opinion nowhere does it make a health claim. It merely states the published proven research work by my team that has been positively peer reviewed by fellow academics and scientists,  and outlines the hypothesis that our future research intends to test.” director Rex Garratt, who won the role of UK distributor of ACILIS after a family member died following Alzheimer’s said: “We have worked with Trading Standards from the very start to ensure compliance for the sake of due diligence, and they even awarded national certification under the DTI’s Primary Authority scheme for the wording on the label on the ACILIS bottle, which says this water is used in scientific research to help remove aluminium from your body.

“But they seem to be asserting that the very mention of the word Alzheimer’s in association with ACILIS is a health claim, and so are preventing the public from sharing between themselves the possible value of Acilis silica-water as part of a lifestyle choice in the face of a disease like Alzheimer’s, when medics are clueless about its cause or cure.”

Famous drugs pioneer Louis Pasteur historically predicted 100 years ago that Silicon will in time revolutionise human health. Let’s hope the food police might be more relaxed in future about letting the public in on this natural alternative approach to good health.




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