ACILIS by Spritzer launch TV coverage

ACILIS By Spritzer -

Caption: Prof Chris Exley (left) shaking hands with Rex Garratt (right) of with Malaysian Spritzer water executive Dr Charles Chuah looking on at the Keele University launch.


ACILIS by Spritzer launches in UK have just launched in the UK a new bottled water from Malaysia that’s nature’s gift, giving good health and well-being to people in Britain and Europe. (see TV coverage in Malaysia with this link:

The new bottled water called ACILIS by Spritzer sourced from beneath pristine rain forest, is used by scientists at Keele University in ground breaking research.

The university team led by Professor Christopher Exley, a world authority on aluminium and its connection silicon, has proven that rare silica water from Malaysia possesses a richness in highly diluted silicic acid that has the power to remove the neurotoxicity of aluminium from humans.

The Professor is now planning further clinical trials to test his determination that removing neurotoxic aluminium build up in the brain may deter certain disorders.

The silica content of the water also boosts body collagen for better tissue-connectivity that gives anti-ageing qualities including softer skin, stronger nails, supple joints and deters hair loss.

Rex Garratt, whose company based at Core Fulfilment distribution centre in Sandbach, Cheshire, has been appointed UK distributor by the Malaysian producer, Spritzer.

Rex said: “When I heard about Prof Exley’s discoveries, I decided to take on the initiative to import the water so that people in Britain could try it for themselves.”

ACILIS by Spritzer silica water will be donating 10% of sales towards further Keele research. The new water will initially be available online at 55pa bottle with,  Amazon and eBay.

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