Cut 20% VAT on bottled water

Parliamentary Petition

Cut 20% VAT on bottled water to zero 

In the current health crack down on sugary drinks in the fight against obesity, what is the sense in  the VAT man imposing 20% tax on bottled water while happily conceding 0% VAT on cake?

That’s why is launching a Parliamentary Petition to get VAT on bottled water zero rated to fall in line with other EU countries like France which levies a rate of 5%.

The reason HMRC gives for imposing 20% VAT on bottled water is that it is a non-essential item, seeing as tap water in the UK is VAT free. While cake of course is essential eating! But in the health war on obesity and the forthcoming sugar tax on drinks, it would be an incentive for parents to give their children a healthy bottle of water, sensibly lowered  in price by a fifth if VAT was removed.

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