Fake news about Silicawaters.com

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Fake News about Silicawaters.com

Some of our lovely customers have brought to our attention fake news being circulated on social media about Silicawaters.com – home of Acilis by Spritzer silica-rich water.

 We wish to assure our customers that Silicawaters.com is not at all involved in promoting any medical procedures, including the HPV vaccine.

 We are proud to highlight research by Professor Christopher Exley and his team at Keele University, which inspired Silicawaters.com to bring to Britain the Malaysian Spritzer silica-rich water he used in his ground breaking discovery that silica water helps reduce aluminium toxicity.

Silicawaters.com has always consulted with the Professor about his latest research findings and questions from customers about the link between silica water and aluminium.

We also continue to back further research into the benefits of silica-rich water and offer free Acilis by Spritzer water to groups supporting those with conditions linked to aluminium toxicity.