15% discount on Sparkling Acilis

15% discount on Sparkling Acilis water with immediate dispatch

 A 15% discount is now on offer with our new Lightly Sparkling Acilis by Spritzer – Exactly same water as Acilis by Spritzer STILL with all the benefits – but with an extra sparkle.

Although currently sold out, STILL Acilis in small and large bottles can still be purchased at Silicawaters.com as ‘Back Orders’ and will be priority dispatched on or after May 15 when fresh stock arrives from tropical Malaysia.

This is due to unprecedented demand for our tropical tonic which UK science has shown helps boost immunity by removing immuno-suppressant aluminium build-up in the body.

As an incentive for our newly introduced Lightly Sparkling Acilis, Silicawaters.com is offering a special voucher code SPARKLING for a 15% discount on orders for the distinctive green 1L bottles.

UK science shows that soluble silicic acid found naturally in silicawater uniquely removes toxic aluminium from the body in a totally safe and non-invasive way. For the science click here:




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