ACILIS PRICE REDUCTION with Regular Standing Order and/or by the pallet:

bottle and caseACILIS PRICE SAVING with Regular Standing Order and/or by the pallet: 

SAVE: With regular Standing Order: reduced to 52.5p a bottle.  (The Standing Order option is new so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to raise anything at

SAVE:  Reduced to 50p a bottle when you order by the pallet (25 or 45 cases)

DOUBLE SAVING: Acilis silica-rich water is now available at 52.25p per bottle by the box by Regular Standing Order to make your Acilis delivered effortless.

SAVE AGAIN: Reduced to by 5p per bottle by the pallet (25 or 45 boxes) to ensure Acilis is affordable to those most in need, reflecting our ethos as a social enterprise for the benefit of all.

VALUE: Get two 24 packs shipped for the price of one.

Wishing you every good health with Acilis

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