Acilis silica water helped little dog recover quickly

Testimonial from Nikki Brown, Canine Angel & Natural Fulvic Vitality, Shropshire:

Acilis silica water helped little dog recover quickly

I gave Acilis by Spritzer silica water to a little dog which I am looking after for one of my clients, as she suddenly had a chronic bout of sickness for two days and was bringing up huge amounts of frothy bile and couldn’t keep any food down without being sick.

I put her on the Acilis straight away and she really lapped it up and kept going back to the bowl for more!

She became much calmer and started to look like she was perking up. After a couple of hours of drinking the water, she was sick once more but I “felt” it was her final cleanse which the water had helped with.

I then offered her a 1/4 of the Vita-Min-Zyme supplement and she gobbled it up as if she just knew it was was she needed! It was the first thing she managed to keep down in three days!

I was actually very pleasantly surprised as it had an INSTANT calming effect and when I say instant- it really was instant!!! She went over to her bed and fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

Four hours later and she woke and she was like a new dog!

She was bouncing around the place with so much energy and asking for food!! She was so hungry bless her, so I gave her some food and she ate it up and NO sickness at all or thereafter.

No need for vet intervention or antibiotics, her digestive complaint was completed sorted by the combination of the silica water and the digestive enzymes, pro-biotics and fulvic minerals in the Vita-Min-Zyme. It was the perfect solution to detox and activate her digestive system into be able to digest food again

Even her poops have returned back to a very healthy state which shows me her digestive system is in good working order again.

I certainly shall be continuing to drink the water and recommending the Silica water to my friends, family and clients.

Nikki Brown, Canine Angel & Natural Fulvic Vitality, Shropshire