ACILIS by Spritzer Natural Silica Water 55p a bottle

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Acilis silica-rich water is now available at 55p per bottle by the box and 50p per bottle by the pallet to ensure nature’s secret superpower is affordable to those most in need. This reflects our ethos as a social enterprise for the benefit of all.

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ACILIS by Spritzer silica water is natural artesian bottled drinking water sourced 420ft deep below protected Malaysian rainforest. Naturally still, soft, refreshing and inherently cleansing, it is high in silica (55.2mg/L), a mineral that scientists have discovered has health giving qualities proven to remove neurotoxins and accepted as collagen boosting qualities for softer skin, supple joints, stronger nail and shiny healthy hair.

ACILIS by Spritzer silica water from Malaysia is used by scientists at Keele University (UK) for research into the benefits of drinking silica water regularly as a detox against aluminium (a known neurotoxin) in humans.

We donate 10% of the net price of ACILIS by Spritzer sold in the UK towards Keele University research into the benefits of silica water. Further info:

Read ACILIS backwards and discover its hidden meaning – just as scientists are discovering amazing things about its hidden benefits.

ACILIS by Spritzer is imported exclusively by and comes in handy sized 400mL bottles direct from the pristine Malaysian rainforest in cartons of 24 bottles.

Our water is delivered to your door for £5.45 for a single carton, but BEST VALUE offers the same delivery price of £5.45 for TWO cartons, which works out at only 11p delivery charge per bottle.

Mineral Content

(Average analysis mg/L):

  • Silica 55.2
  • Potassium 3.1
  • Calcium 36
  • Magnesium 3.7
  • Bicarbonate 93
  • Sulphate 22.1
  • Chloride 0.78
  • Total dissolved solids 198
  • pH 7.10


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