Win free Acilis water and guide to Reboot Your Brain

Acilis siliacawater detoxed aluminium and mercury

Win free Acilis water and guide to Reboot Your Brain

Mercury build-up in the body was reduced by 90% and aluminium by 50% after drinking Acilis by Spritzer silicawater daily for four months.

That was the finding of Reboot Health author and UK blogger Sara Davenport when she tested her toxic metal levels (through and her doctor) before and after drinking a litre a day of Acilis water over a period of four months. “After trying it out for myself, I’m sold on this easy way to reduce the levels of mercury, aluminium and lead in your system,” says Sara

 She added: “I am never one to take anyone’s word for something without testing it myself. I ordered four month’s supply of Acilis water – over a litre a day, nearly 130 bottles – and sat down to drink my way religiously through them. Revealing and remarkably – Acilis water did just what it promised. My aluminium level halved in the time, and my mercury reduced by 90%.”  Click here for her observations:

UK science shows that soluble silicic acid found naturally in silicawater uniquely removes toxic aluminium from the body in a totally safe and non-invasive way. For the science click here:

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