Is this lowering your resistance to infections?

toxic aluminium







Is this lowering your resistance to infections?

Few will have heard of adjuvant – such as neurotoxic aluminium commonly added in vaccinations as an immuno-suppressant to enable an injected virus to embed itself in the body before our natural anti-bodies can kill it.

Few too will be aware that this ubiquitous metal in salt form is being absorbed daily into our system as a common additive to processed foods, bakery, baby milk formula, medication, cosmetics, polluted air and even our tap water!  All the time suppressing our immunity and resistance to infections.

A recent study shows how aluminium is a powerful immuno-suppressant: Click here 

Fortunately UK science shows that soluble silicic acid found naturally in silicawater uniquely removes toxic aluminium from the body in a totally safe and non-invasive way. For the science click here:

and the video:



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