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Now in GLASS bottles with Sousas award winning silicawater
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ACILIS by Spritzer
ACILIS by Spritzer

ACILIS by Spritzer is sourced from beneath the Malaysian rainforest. With a silica content of 55mg/L and a pH level pf 7.1. It is the biggest selling mineral water in Malaysia, and is a regular winner of the Global Best Brand Awards. Bottled at source, it comes in BPA-free PET plastic fully recyclable bottles.

Backed by science

“Published science suggests Silicon-rich mineral waters are natural therapies to counter human exposure to aluminium – Nature’s way of keeping aluminium out of living things. Some might say a gift from God. I drink one every day. I am both a follower of science and a believer.” Quote by Professor Christopher Exley

Our silicawaters are eco-sustainable
Sousas award winning silicawater – now available in GLASS bottles – has been sourced from the Galicia Mountains of Spain for 150 years – and well known there for its health qualities
ACILIS water is sourced from an artesian aquafer 400ft beneath sandstone strata in protected Malaysian rainforest.
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