Natural silica bottled water 55p a bottle

Bottled at source in BPA-free bottle

You can purchase ACILIS here at our online shop, or on Amazon or eBay, and we will deliver to your home the next day.

Nature’s secret superpower…

Welcome to the rejuvenating realm of ACILIS by Spritzer – the tropical tonic selected by science for its astonishing revitalising benefits.

Used in the clinical trials of scientists at Keele University, and available for the first time to UK and EU customers, ACILIS by Spritzer is a unique, natural silica bottled water drawn from deep within the Malaysian rainforests. Bottled at source and untouched by human hand, this artesian bottled water can help you to stay young, healthy and beautiful – on the inside and out.

ACILIS by Spritzer is naturally rich in the mineral silica, which may be nature’s secret superpower when it comes to health and beauty. Silica consumption stimulates the body’s own collagen production, and increased collagen promotes softer skin, shinier hair, stronger nails and supple joints.

But that’s not all; scientists have discovered an extraordinary and unrivalled benefit to silica in its water-based form. This form of silica (orthosilicic acid, or OSA) is able to cross the gut wall and bind with aluminium particles in the blood, safely flushing them out and therefore performing an all-natural and non-invasive removal of aluminium. Removing aluminium from our bodies is a precautionary health measure we should all consider taking, after recent research has revealed a definitive link between aluminium accumulation and neurological diseases, including age-related cognitive decline.

When you purchase bottles of ACILIS by Spritzer, you can be confident that you are not only helping to protect and improve your own family’s health, but also that you are contributing to vital research that will go on to help others around the world. ACILIS by Spritzer is committed to supporting pioneering science, and we donate 10% of the price of every bottle sold in the UK to the cutting-edge research into aluminium and silica that is taking place at Keele University. So why not dive in, and give nature’s secret superpower a try for yourself?

You can purchase ACILIS here at our online shop, or on Amazon or eBay, and we will deliver to your home the next day.

Mineral Content of ACILIS by Spritzer

(Average analysis mg/L):

  • Silica 55.2
  • Potassium 3.1
  • Calcium 36
  • Magnesium 3.7
  • Bicarbonate 93
  • Sulphate 22.1
  • Chloride 0.78
  • Total dissolved solids 198
  • pH 7.10

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