Properties of Acilis by Spritzer

Nature’s gift backed by science

Discover the rejuvenating realm of ACILIS by Spritzer – a gift from nature used in science for its astonishing revitalising benefits.

Removing aluminium toxicity

Ground breaking research led by world leading aluminium toxicology expert, Professor Christopher Exley at Keele University in Staffordshire, has shown that drinking a litre of silica-rich water daily significantly helps remove aluminium from the body. His studies have gone on to show a definitive link between aluminium accumulation in the body and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism and Multiple Sclerosis.

Why everyone should drink silica-rich water?

“Simply drinking silicon-rich water is a completely non-invasive way to remove aluminium from the body – and something which can potentially benefit everyone including people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease,” said Professor Exley. “In the case of Alzheimer’s, we found that drinking silicon-rich water over only 12 weeks produced significant improvements in cognitive function without any known or observed side effects.”

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What is it?

Acilis by Spritzer is naturally infused with silica as it filters through 400ft of rock and sandstone strata and is drawn from an artesian aquifer deep beneath pristine rainforest in the Maxwell Hills of Malaysia.Safe and non-invasive for people of all ages to drink, it has a silica content of 52.10mg/L, a perfectly balanced pH level of 7.10, and sold in PET and BPA-free bottles.

Product Description

Our water is naturally vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free; free from any sugars, sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, and certified halal. It is safe for people of all ages to drink, and does not interfere with any medications.

We worked closely with our friends at Spritzer to develop ACILIS, especially for people in the UK and Europe; a great-tasting, natural silica bottled water, that is bottled at source, free from contaminants, and sold in safe PET  and BPA-free bottles.

We not only want to help people benefit from silica water’s amazing health benefits, but raise awareness of scientific research that is revealing more to us about this incredible mineral – and how it can be used to combat aluminium, a neurotoxic metal in many everyday products.

This ground breaking research is taking place at Keele University, led by world-leading aluminium toxicology expert, Professor Christopher Exley.

Professor Exley’s research has shown a definitive link between aluminium accumulation in the body and neurological conditions, and has revealed that consuming a silica water every day removes aluminium from the body.

Silica is also known to help promote softer skin, shinier hair, stronger nails and supple joints.

Supporting  research into the benefits of silica-rich water was inspired to bring the natural benefits of silica-rich water to the UK in the form of Acilis by Spritzer  – the artesian water shown in scientific research to remove neuro-toxic aluminium from the body as a precaution against neural conditions. We support research into the benefits of drinking silica-rich water and provide free samples for support groups.

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Mineral Content


(Average analysis mg/L):

  • Silica 55.2
  • Potassium 3.1
  • Calcium 36
  • Magnesium 3.7
  • Bicarbonate 93
  • Sulphate 22.1
  • Chloride 0.78
  • Total dissolved solids 198
  • pH 7.10

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Aluminium linked to autism for 1sttime

New UK research has revealed for the first time a link between autism and extraordinarily high levels of neurotoxic aluminium in the brain.


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Anecdotal testimonials from parents of children with autism have also shown that giving the child Acilis silica-rich water daily has been of significant benefit.

skin care

Stay youthful with Acilis

Scientific research has shown that silica-rich water like Acilis by Spritzer boosts body collagen for softer wrinkle-free skin, combats hair loss with stronger, shinier hair, hardens nails and keeps joints supple.



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Why silica-rich water and not supplements?

Why only silicon-rich waters (and not silica supplements) will protect you from aluminium: By Professor Christopher Exley


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How silica-rich water helps with MS

Latest scientific research has found that drinking silica-rich water helps reduce high levels of aluminium in those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Research published in the respected medical journal EBioMedicine

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(Disclaimer: Any reference to health claims are attributed to scientific research or reflect the views of private individuals, and do not represent a claim by Acilis by Spritzer)