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Ki science and are delighted to be teaming up to expand availability of Acilis by Spritzer – the uniquely eco-sustainable functional silicawater – sourced from a super pure artesian aquifer naturally rich in the mineral silica.

Acilis has been identified by KiScience’s medical advisor, Dr Dietricht Klinghardt, the world leading figure in the field of alterative plant-based medications, as being synonymous with his protocols for good health and wellbeing.

Thus, KiScience and Silicawaters, the official UK distributor which introduced Acilis for the first time to the Europe, have joined in together to make this uniquely sustainable silicawater more easily available.

Acilis is drawn from 400ft well beneath protect rainforest in the wettest part of tropical Malaysia – a location judged by international tourism as among the most eco-sustainable places on earth, due to its pristine landscape and eco-safeguards. Acilis contains no additives, and is with a pH level to 7.1, is as pure and evenly balanced as possible.

Teaming up to quickly deliver this exciting functional water to your door, Silicawaters and KiScience look forward to keeping you not only well hydrated, but re-energised and vitalised with this rare gift from nature. Bottled in BPA free PET recycable plastic – soon to be 30% plant based bio-plastic and pledged to upgrade to 100% bio-plastic. Packed in eco-friendly bleach-free cardboard boxes.


Ki scienceKi is the Japanese word for Vital Energy and Science is the discovery of the natural laws.

Anthro-biology is the correlation between man and the universe.

Ki Science products are bio-dynamically produced, handcrafted and harvested without the use of chemicals or machinery. Plants are transformed into precious mother tinctures beyond organic quality.