Supporting  research into the benefits of silica-rich water was inspired by UK science to bring the natural benefits of silica-rich water to the UK in the form of Acilis by Spritzer  – the artesian water shown in scientific research to remove neuro-toxic aluminium from the body as a precaution against neural conditions. We also continue to back further research into the benefits of silica-rich water and offer free Acilis by Spritzer water to groups supporting those with conditions linked to aluminium toxicity.

Certified Social Enterprise

Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise is a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise already changing the lives of families across the UK impacted by widespread neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Autism.

And we are proud to display our membership badge as a registered with Social Enterprise UK, the body which sets the standard for social not-for-profit ventures across Britain. is inspired by UK peer reviewed published scientific research which shows natural artesian silicawater made available exclusively by is unique in safely removing neurotoxic aluminium build-up in the human body.

We support on-going scientific  research into the protocol of drinking one litre a day of silicawater to remove aluminium neurotoxicity in the body as a recommended lifestyle option in view of the increasing instance of incurable neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Autism across the UK.

As a Social Enterprise, supports such on-going research by adopting a policy of donating free samples and significant discounts on our Acilis by Spritzer silicawater to Alzheimer’s and Autism support groups, as well as individuals and families also impacted by other neurological conditions including Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, and ADHD. 

This is in return hopefully, but not conditionally, for customer feedback which would be forwarded as anecdotal to scientific bodies researching this field.

Significant anecdotal evidence and testimonials already received from families impacted by neurological conditions are living testament as to how Acilis by Spritzer silicawater has changed their lives dramatically.

As part of our Not-for-Profit pledge, any subsequent surplus funds eventually emanating from sales, will be donated towards a dedicated Science Research Trust Fund. Scientists carrying out associated research will be invited to submit applications for grant funding to this independent Trust. is a self-sustaining financial concern trading completely independently. We meet ethical standards by only importing silicawater from the highest eco-sustainable sources in the world, supplied as part of a global award winning brand located within the Malaysian tropical rainforest.

Acilis by Spritzer is bottled at source untouched by human hand in a state-of-the-art bottling plant, being naturally enriched with soluble silicic acid with the unique non-invasive power to enter the blood stream and remove toxic aluminium.

The silica content also proven rejuvenating properties that naturally boost body collagen for softer skin, supple joints, harder nails and deterring hair loss.

This silicawater is bottled in safe BPA-free PET recyclable plastic, moving eventually to one-third bio-plastic from sugar cane, and committed to eventual 50% recycled content plastic. Being plastic keeps the product relatively low priced and affordable for families depending on it, and is much lower in fossil fuel production than glass, and much less costly than glass in fossil fuel transport costs.

It’s carbon footprint in transport from SE Asia is minimal, being just a single sea container loaded on ocean vessels that carry millions of tons of unessential goods across the globe. A minimal carbon footprint which we suggest is justifiable in return for the way this gift of nature is changing the lives of so many families in a significant way.

With Be Well Best Wishes