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We really appreciate the Trustpilot reviews we receive from customers who share their experience of drinking our silica-rich water. Below are just some of them.

Silicawater tastes so much better: Silicawater tastes so much better than tap water, and it indeed gave me stronger nails and improved skin, and the fact that it helps eliminate the toxic aluminium from your body benefits my son the most who is autistic and suffering from a memory loss: Edna

SILICAWATER HAS MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO MY LIFE: I have been using your magical Silica water for a year now and it is the very best money can buy. Delivery is second to none with mine arriving the very next day.  Silicawater has made a big difference to my life.  Jean, Lancashire

Great people, great service, great product! Such helpful and friendly service from Rex. Well packaged timely delivery and great water with high silica content. So grateful that Silica Waters exist – lovely people carrying out a great service for those in need of high silica content water! Eshani

I AM CONVINCED OF THE HEALTH PROPERTIES OF SILICA WATER: I am 67, a retired nurse and always looking for ways to keep healthy. Since drinking it over the previous months, I have had a major improvement…my hair is shiny and loss has really decreased. I have got thicker nails. They were not even this strong when i was young. My skin is soft too. I am convinced of the health properties of silica water. MANY THANKS. PLEASE KEEP SUPPLYING THIS. Please don’t stop. Ann, North Wales

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