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ACILIS by Spritzer 

the UK brand name for SPRITZER natural silica water

as used in scientific research

Silica Waters is the exclusive UK distributor of ACILIS by Spritzer, and we are delighted to be able to make available this premium and health-promoting bottled water to UK and EU customers.

Following years of fruitful collaboration between Malaysian market leader Spritzer, and scientists at Keele University, who use ACILIS by Spritzer’s naturally silica-rich mineral water in their research, Silica Waters established itself to respond to the huge customer demand for a quality silica bottled water in the UK. The health benefits of silica are becoming more widely known, and we at Silica Waters wanted to provide a premium yet affordable option to enable all people to incorporate silica water into their daily routines.

We worked closely with our friends at Spritzer to develop ACILIS, especially for people in the UK and Europe; a great-tasting, natural silica bottled water, that is bottled at source, free from contaminants, and retailed in a safe PET polyester, BPA-free.

Now available in a family-size 1.5 litre bottle and the conveniently sized 400ml plastic bottle.

Our water is naturally vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free; free from any sugars, sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, and certified halal. It is safe for people of all ages to drink, and does not interfere with any medications.

We not only wanted to help people benefit from silica water’s amazing health benefits, but also to support the research that is revealing more to us about this incredible mineral – and how it can be used to combat aluminium, a neurotoxic metal in many everyday products.

This is why we’ve pledged to donate 10% from every bottle sold in the UK to groundbreaking research taking place at Keele University, led by world-leading aluminium toxicology expert, Professor Christopher Exley.

Professor Exley’s research has shown a definitive link between aluminium accumulation in the body and neurological conditions, and has revealed that consuming a silica water every day removes aluminium from the body. Silica water is also used by parents treating children who have suffered adverse reactions to aluminium-containing medical products.

Silica is also known to help promote softer skin, shinier hair, stronger nails and supple joints.

Science has long since shown us that we need to stay well hydrated to be at our best, so why not take water’s essential health-giving properties one step further, by investing in your future well-being, and supporting progressive science, too?


Donating to research with every bottle

Donating to Research with every bottle sold


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