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ACILIS by Spritzer TM

the UK brand name for SPRITZER natural silica water

as used in scientific research.

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Welcome to SilicaWaters.com where you can discover the amazing qualities of this natural artesian water, and  share your experiences of drinking it.

What is Silica water?

Silica water differs significantly from most bottled waters, as it naturally contains more silicon in soluble form, known as OSA or Orthosilicic Acid in highly diluted form. It is usually listed on bottled water labels as Silica, and is measured in milligrams per litre.

Silica is naturally occurring and abundant in silica water and not synthetically produced. Soluble silica as highly diluted silicic acid is the only form of silicon that humans can effectively digest and absorb into the body’s system. A few bottled waters in Britain contain a modest level of silica, but most bottled waters do not contain any at all. ACILIS by Spritzer has a high silica content of 55mgL compared to other bottled waters.

It is the result of natural chemistry underground. Only nature has the power to create the unique qualities of silica water.

Research into the potential advantage of drinking silica water by leading scientists around the world have revealed its:

  • Proven qualities in helping to remove neurotixic Aluminium from the human body
  • Properties in maintaining soft skin, shiny hair, strong nails and supple joints

Prof Chris Exley of Keele University...uncovering aluminium's dirty little secrets

Prof Chris Exley of Keele University…uncovering aluminium’s dirty little secrets

To debate the qualities of silica water join the Discussion Forum at : *www.xxxx-xxxx.com

Natural chemistry of silica water – working wonders?

(*The name of the above website link is hidden to comply with Trading Standards stipulations. This prohibits linking a product to a health claim that has not been ratified by the EU.

According to a report in the Sunday Times on March 19, 2017,  the UK food industry seems to have given up on this authority.

For the number of research projects submitted to the EU  was in single figures over the past 10 years, and less than a handful received ratification 

The newspaper reported that the UK food industry was urging Britain to abandon this regulatory body when we leave the EU, and set up a UK equivalent with a less negative and more progressive approach to emerging science)

View our youtube film featuring Prof Christopher Exley, of Keele University, explaining how silica water can help remove neurotoxic aluminium from our body. https://youtu.be/beRdmZin5Os

ACILIS#SPRITZER silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest coming to Britain soon

ACILIS by Spritzer TM silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest now available for the first time in Britain

Aluminium is everywhere, in the air, our food and tap water.

We are all exposed in our everyday lives to aluminium in our diet, the air we breathe, our tap water, as well as some cosmetics and medications, says Professor Chris Exley, a world authority on the connection between aluminium and silicon.

A number of studies have demonstrated a positive effect of silicon in drinking water in protecting against contaminates like aluminium as part of everyday modern living.

Research carried out by Keele University’s Aluminium and Silcon Research Group led by Professor Exley, has shown that drinking 1 litre a day of silica water can significantly reduce the level of aluminium in the body.

The Professor and his team area using ACILIS by Spritzer silica water from Malaysia (because of its high level of silica) in clinical trials to evaluate the effects of removing aluminium from the human body.

Keele University in the UK leading research into link between silica and toxic aluminium - and its possible connection neural disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson, MS and Autism

Keele University in the UK leading research into link between silica and toxic aluminium – and its possible connection human health

Drink 1 litre of silica water a day to remove aluminium your body?

The Professor’s clinical research involved people being given 1 litre of Spritzer silica water to drink every day to measure the effects.

For more information visit: keele.ac.uk/aluminium

Health & beauty: Soft skin, shiny hair, strong nails and supple joints with ACILIS by Spritzer 

Scientists in the UK and in Belgium have found that silicon in the form of bioactive Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) in silica water assists tissue-connectivity in the human body and maintaining:

Supple joints

Soft skin

Strong nails

Shiny hair

They found that silica stimulates the natural formation of collagen in our body, retaining the skin’s elasticity that leads to fewer wrinkles. Silica encourages the body to produce its own collagen.

ACILIS#SPRITZER silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest coming to Britain soon

ACILIS by Spritzer silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest now available in Britain





ACILIS by Spritzer Silica Water now in Britain

Sourced from an artesian well 420 feet deep beneath pristine and protected Malaysian rainforest, its silica content is the work of natural chemistry underground.

Read ACILIS backwards and discover its hidden meaning – just as scientists are discovering amazing things about the hidden benefits of drinking silica water regularly as a precaution against contaminates like aluminium.

Hygienically bottled at source untouched by human hand in a vast 330 acre (the size of 266 football fields) eco-park naturally surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, its unique soft taste is refreshing and inherently cleansing. Available in handy-sized 400m bottles, it comes packed in convenient cases of 24 bottles for home delivery.

BPA Free Bottle: ACILIS by Spritzer water bottles are BPA free. They come in PET Polyester plastic, officially approved for bottled water as it is inert, and free of BPA Polycarbonate with its negative properties.

ACILIS#SPRITZER silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest coming to Britain soon

ACILIS by SPRITZER silica-rich water from the Malaysia rainforest now in Britain


Donating to research with every bottle

Donating to Research with every bottle sold

With every bottle of  ACILIS by Spritzer  sold in the UK, a donation equal to 10% of the price will be made towards scientific research at Keele University into the benefits of drinking silica water.

Link-Us Associates Ltd, Spritzer’s appointed UK Distributor, has pledged to donate towards research 10% of the net price of each bottle of  ACILIS by Spritzer 400 mL bottled water sold exclusively in the UK by our trading brand, SilicaWaters.com, and selling through Ebay and Amazon.

The pledge will appear on the UK export  ACILIS by Spritzer  bottle label, together with Professor Exley’s  Al (for aluminium) donation logo with the text: ‘Donating to  Research with each bottle sold’

Donation sums will be paid by Link-Us Associates Ltd periodically to Professor Christopher Exley’s Research web based Portal http://estore.keele.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=66

The receipts for donations will be posted on the SilicaWaters.com website, and a rolling sum will illustrate the amount of funds donated.

You Tube Video

Click the You Tube photo link below to view our film:

‘Combating Toxic Attack from Aluminium’ 

featuring the world’s leading authority on aluminium and silicon

Professor Christopher Exley of Keele University



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