Silica and aluminium

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Silica and aluminium poisoning

An international science conference revealing latest research into silica-rich water as nature’s antidote to the danger of aluminium toxicity, is being supported by – home of Acilis by Spritzer.

For is funding a bursary for a post-graduate attendance at the conference in Mexico this Spring, organised by world-leading authority on aluminium and silicon, Professor Christopher Exley.

“Silicon is the Earth’s answer to the toxicity of aluminium,” says the Professor, “and it can also be as effective an answer to aluminium toxicity in humans.”  For more view

Scientists from all over the world will be sharing their latest research at the 5-day conference – Keele 13 – starting on March 23 in Yucatan, Mexico. It will be the 13th such conference where the link between silicon and aluminium will be further examined. (View:

Bursaries will help fund the attendance at the conference of post-graduates studying research into the risk of toxicity as a result of aluminium being widely used as an additive in food, tap water, medications and cosmetics, as well as in pots, pans and tins. 


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