Acilis by Spritzer Eco-Park in world top 100 ‘Green’ spots


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Acilis by Spritzer’s Eco-Park in top 100 ‘Green’ spot

The rainiest part of Malaysia where pure Acilis by Spritzer silica-rich water is sourced has been voted among the world’s top 100 eco-sustainable destinations.

The accolade was awarded following submissions from tourism authorities worldwide, and will be presented at the World Travel Market exhibition in Berlin later this year promoted by Green Destinations in the Netherlands (

Taiping was awarded the accolade as a top eco-sustainable destination due to the natural beauty of its pristine mountain scenery, lake gardens, waterfalls, wildlife, flora and fauna.

Acilis water is sourced from an artesian well after being naturally infused with silica on filtering through more than 400 ft of rock strata beneath the Maxwell Hills of Taiping surrounded by protected rainforest. Visitors are welcome to tour freely around an Eco-Park created by Spritzer to celebrate the company owned protected rainforest water source, where pristine floral and fauna abound and troupes of monkeys and wild boar roam freely.

Taiping records the highest rainfall in the tropical country, ensuring   limitless supplies of the silica-rich water, which is the biggest selling bottled water in Malaysia for 25 years, and is winner of the World Brand Awards in London for the past three years running.

Acilis water is bottled at source, untouched by human hand during filtration and UV (ultra violet light) treatment for purity, in a state of the art bottling plant set in more than 300 acres of protected rainforest.

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