ACILIS silica-rich water in safe PET plastic bottles

Question:I understand that silica-rich mineral waters can help remove toxic aluminium from the body. But if the water comes in BPA-containing bottles, aren’t we just swapping one toxin for another?

Answer from Silicawaters: Thanks for this important question on BPA-containing plastic bottles. BPA (short for bisphenol A) is an endocrine disrupting chemical that can mimic oestrogen in the body. It is found in many plastics, and concerns have been growing for years over its safety. It has been linked to health issues such as obesity and cancer, and thus many health conscious people try to avoid BPA-containing plastics.

That’s why the water we recommend, ACILIS by Spritzer, comes in BPA-free plastic bottles. The plastic used for this water, PET polyester, is inert, not biologically reactive, and officially approved around the world for use for bottled water.

It is important to us to provide you with an optimally healthy water in a safe container, whilst also keeping the product as affordable for you as possible, which is why we opted for inert BPA-free PET polyester plastic, over more expensive alternatives such as glass. BPA-free PET plastic is also lightweight, making it more convenient for you to carry around, plus it lacks the breaking and shattering danger of glass, which may particularly be a concern if you are sharing our silica-rich water with your young children.

Therefore, you can be confident that when you drink the detoxifying silica-rich water we recommend, in its BPA-free plastic bottles, you are making a healthy choice to remove aluminium from your body without adding BPA.


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