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Cut 20% VAT on bottled water to zero  With the sugar tax now in place on sugary drinks in the fight against obesity, has launched a Parliamentary Petition to get 20%  VAT on bottled water zero rated. The reason HMRC gives for imposing 20% VAT on bottled water is that it is a non-essential item, seeing as tap water in the UK is VAT free. The loss of VAT on bottled water could be replaced by applying VAT on cake which is zero rated. It would be an incentive for parents to give their children a healthy bottle of water, sensibly lowered  in price by a fifth if VAT was removed. To sign the petition click Or view
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Latest research: Silica-rich water therapy for MS Regular drinking of a silicon-rich mineral water facilitated the removal of aluminium from the body of individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and suggested it may be an effective, non-invasive future therapy. Click weblink for more details: