Not an anti-vaxxer

By Jennifer Walters, BSN-RN, PHN, MFA

I first came to know of Dr. Chris Exley in 2015 while researching various toxins that might have harmed my son as part of his vaccine injury. Exley wasn’t an “autism researcher” and definitely not an ex-vaxxer like the majority of the vaccine-injured community. He is the world’s top expert in the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust: aluminum.

n his 2020 book, Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom: Discussions with Mr. Aluminum, written during the pandemic lockdowns, Dr. Exley suggests we all need to know more about aluminum. Not a typical metal in the same way as mercury or lead, aluminum is particularly dangerous to all life because it is “superabundant” and “super-reactive,” both chemically and biologically, and our bodies have no idea how to handle any encounter with this metal.

In addition to talking about his book, we discuss some of the groundbreaking research findings of Exley and his research team, including the discovery of aluminum as “a” cause (not “the” cause) of familial Alzheimer’s, the dangers of aluminum-rich infant formula to our babies, and how aluminum gathers into lymphocytes in the brain tissue of people with autism. Exley’s open-access 2018 study on “aluminium in brain tissue in autism” has been downloaded a million times—more than any other study in history.

In a sane world, Exley should have received a Nobel Prize for his work. Instead, however, he has been a victim of cancel culture and scientific censorship, losing his university position and funding.

Our discussion wraps up with actions we can take to live safely in what Exley calls the Aluminum Age. “Finding Health in the Aluminum Age” can be like unlocking the fountain of youth for all of us. Simple measures include drinking one liter of silicon-rich water per day—clinically shown to remove aluminum from the body via the urine—as well as choosing safer cosmetics (many deodorants and sunscreens contain aluminum), using aluminum-free cookware, and avoiding foods that contain aluminum.

Join me as I chat with Dr. Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB, about his life’s work studying aluminum. And please explore the links to his book, website, medical blog, and Substack—his science needs to be supported.

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Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom: Discussions With "Mr. Aluminum" By Christopher Exley
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