Stop polluted air we breathe causing dementia
By drinking natural silica-rich mineral water

Latest scientific research showing how air pollution is a likely cause of dementia supports exactly what “Mr Aluminium’ Professor Christopher Exley has been warning about for years.

Fortunately the professor has also discovered a way to deter the toxic effects of the air we breathe. Simply drink a litre a day of natural silicon-rich mineral water which he has scientifically shown safely removes neurotoxic aluminium from the body through urine.

His research has shown that being neurotoxic, aluminium in particular can be linked to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s – as well as autism.

Air pollution causing dementia, click HERE: 

Neurotoxic aluminium in the air we breathe, by Professor Christopher Exley: Click HERE:

How silicon-rich water removes aluminium from the human body: Click HERE 

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