National award for is proud to announce that we have been named ‘Bottled Water Supplier of the Year 2022’ by SME News – the media voice-piece for UK small to medium enterprises.

We were nominated by customers for our role as a certified Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise in providing discount silicawater for families impacted by neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and autism. For our silicawater is shown by science to safely remove neurotoxic aluminium from the body in a non-invasive way.

In their note of congratulations, SME News wrote: “We are so proud to be able to celebrate businesses like yourself, who work tirelessly to make this region one of the most diverse and dynamic the UK has to offer.

Despite the obvious hardships the last two years have brought to the UK, we’ve seen SMEs work tirelessly to adapt and overcome a myriad of challenges, and we believe more than ever the incredible dedication by these enterprises should be recognised.

Therefore, we are excited to be able to share the final results from our panel of judges and we are very much delighted to say it’s great news! Silicawaters has been awarded: Bottled Water Supplier of the Year 2022”

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