Anti-perspirants, breast cancer and silicawater

Anti-perspirants, breast cancer and silicawater

Scientific research published in the journal EBioMedicine reveals an alarming link between toxic aluminium based anti-perspirants and breast cancer. Fortunately silicawater may help.

There is no ingredient as effective at stopping perspiration as an aluminium salt. This scientific study cautions against “excessive” use of aluminium-based anti-perspirants to prevent it accumulating in breast tissue and lymph nodes.

One precaution to prevent this toxic build-up is to drink a silica-rich mineral water every day, because the silica that comes naturally in certain waters as soluble silicic acid, is able to cross the gut wall, bind with aluminium particles in the body and safely flush them out. So far, no other product (including other silica-containing supplements) is known to have this effect.

ACILIS by Spritzer, with a very high silica content at 55.2mg/L, is used in research trials by UK scientists and is clinically proven to reduce aluminium levels in the body. So if you are unable to give up toxic aluminium-containing antiperspirant deodorants, making a silica water like ACILIS a part of your daily routine may be a wise step to take.

Click here for the science paper linking anti-perspirants with breast cancer:

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