Are bottled waters basically the same?

Question: There are so many bottled waters to choose from these days. Aren’t they basically all the same? Why should I choose ACILIS over any others?

Answer from SilicaWaters: Thanks for your question on the differences between bottled waters, and what makes ACILIS unique. There are indeed many bottled waters and some are very high quality. However, not all – you may remember a certain well-known soft drinks manufacturer was hit with scandal a few years ago when it turned out their bottled water came straight out of a tap! Unfortunately, some unscrupulous companies do make false claims about their bottled waters, but with ACILIS, you can be confident you are getting a pure mineral water straight from the Malaysian rainforests.  ACILIS’s parent company, Spritzer, is the best-selling bottled water in Malaysia, and you can learn more about how they bottle their water directly at source by visiting their website:

It’s not just its pure, tropical origin that makes Acilis different, though. ACILIS is naturally rich in the mineral silica, a claim few other bottled waters can make. Silica could be considered the secret superpower of natural health. It can remove neurotoxic aluminium from your body.  It also stimulates collagen production in the body, which promotes soft skin, shiny hair, and strong nails; and it even helps improve cardiovascular and bone health, too.

Furthermore, we provide Acilis in BPA-free inert PET polyester plastic, which has been especially selected for bottled waters as it is non biologically reactive. Our customers tell us it is tough to find a quality bottled water in a safe plastic, so we are happy to make this option available to them.


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