Baby milk formula powder contaminated with toxic aluminium

Baby milk formula powder contaminated with toxic aluminium

Powdered milk formula for babies and infants is unnecessarily contaminated with potentially toxic aluminium.

For latest research by UK scientists revealed that the most expensive formula versions contained the least amount of aluminium – indicating that manufacturers could produce baby milk formula without unnecessarily high amounts of the toxic metal.

While off-the-shelf baby milk formula have long known to be heavily contaminated with aluminium, the study showed that powdered milk specially formulated by medical prescription for babies underweight or suffering from allergies or intolerances proved to contain the highest level of aluminium contamination.

The research found that babies fed milk formulas were getting up to 12 times the amount of aluminium compared to breast fed. The research paper concluded: “These higher cost specialist preparations demonstrate that the contamination of infant formulas by aluminium is not inevitable. They represent what is achievable should manufacturers wish to address the threat posed to health through infant exposure to aluminium.”

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Fortunately, science has proven that drinking silicawater, naturally rich in soluble silicic acid, is a safe and non-invasive way to remove aluminium or alum salts from the body. For the science click here:


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