Chronic fatigue affects more in UK: Aluminium link?

Chronic fatigue affects more in UK. Aluminium link?

A new survey shows more people are suffering chronic fatigue. The YouGov survey found that 1 in 8 Britons feel tired all the time, while a further quarter find themselves exhausted ‘most of the time’, and a third feel tired ‘about half of the time’.

UK scientist Professor Christopher Exley, the world leading authority on neurotoxic aluminium, implicated human exposure to aluminium in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in his new book* His team also discovered that regular drinking of silicon-rich mineral waters helps the body to remove aluminium via the urine**.

Prof Exley’s new book* Click here: 

Silica-rich water and aluminium** Click Here: 

How aluminium contributes to chronic fatigue, Click Here: 

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