Combining sauna with silicawater to detox

Could ozone steam saunas aid detoxification from heavy metal overload?

 Here at, we know that drinking silica-rich water can help remove ‘neurotoxic aluminium’ from the human body. The subject of heavy metal detoxification is an interesting one, and there are various complimentary therapies that work alongside the consumption of Acilis by Spritzer, including the use of ozone steam saunas, which aid detoxification.

Eliminating toxins through sweat

Sandra Bryant of Ozone Therapy UK (pictured) says that ozone steam saunas, whether utilised at a health clinic, or via the purchase of one’s own ozone sauna steam cabinet, successfully eliminate toxins through sweat, so the excretory organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestine are bypassed. “Ozone saunas stimulate oxygen metabolism, and are capable of eliminating high levels of toxins, including toxic metals, which are primarily neurotoxins. Therapeutic ozone – which is essentially oxygen with an extra molecule added – combines the effects of hyperthermia and ozone in a very safe and comfortable way,” she explains.

But why do we need to eliminate high levels of toxins from our bodies? Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD has written about the subject of detoxification in his paper, ‘A Comprehensive Review of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Clinical Pearls from 30 Years of Medical Practice.’ In the paper, Dr Klinghardt explains that heavy metals have become part of our environment, and are absorbed via our skin and mucosal surfaces. “Heavy metals are primarily neurotoxins. There is a synergistic effect between all neurotoxins which is responsible for the illness-producing effect,” he explains.

What are neurotoxins?

The body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins via the available exit routes: the liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air, Dr Klinghardt maintains. “Most elimination products are expelled with the bile into the small intestine and should leave the body via the digestive tract. However, most are reabsorbed by nerve endings in the intestinal wall; from there, the neurotoxins may travel via the spinal cord to the brain; via venous uptake to the liver; via lymphatic uptake to the subclavian vein (which joins with the jugular); and also via the intestinal tract.”

 Common heavy metals

Dr Klinghardt states that individuals can be directly affected by metals via the compounds’ non-specific toxic effects; and also due to any allergic reactions to the neurotoxins in the individual’s body. The most common heavy metals are mercury, lead, cadmium, iron, manganese and aluminium, and sources include dental amalgam fillings, car fumes, cigarette smoke, paint residues, heavy metal residues in the earth and the food chain, drinking water and even (in the case of aluminium), cookware.

However, there are also said to be other risk factors for heavy metal toxicity, which can cause accumulation of metals in an otherwise healthy body – they include genetics, prior illnesses, emotional trauma, poor diet, food allergies, the patient’s electromagnetic environment (mobile phone use etc), and constipation.

Do ozone saunas aid detoxification?

America’s Dr David Minkoff has written widely about the benefits of using ozone saunas, specifically the HOCATT ozone steam sauna cabinet, to aid detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins. “Left untreated, accumulation of toxins may cause serious health problems to occur, such as headaches, constipation, skin problems, hormone imbalances, inflammatory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders and decrease in cognitive function,” Dr Minkoff explains.

“A build-up of toxins in connective tissue, muscle and nerve tissue can lead to blood disorders, organ and glandular dysfunction. Detoxification utilising an ozone sauna can help; all the cells in the body need oxygen to survive, whereas unhealthy cells such as viruses and bacteria need an absence of oxygen to thrive. A benefit of detoxification with ozone therapy is that it can have a positive effect on almost all systems of the body, including the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and many more. Ozone therapy for detoxification is particularly effective. Sitting in an ozone steam sauna for 30 minutes offers the opportunity for the ozone cleansing to stimulate the elimination of toxins from all areas and organs of the body,” Dr Minkoff concludes.

Safe and comfortable

Sandra Bryant from Ozone Therapy UK explains that ozone saunas are able to successfully ‘mobilise` toxins from the body, delivering targeted ozone that provides effective anti-microorganism benefits, while the individual sits in the sauna. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt agrees, stating that peer reviewed literature shows that sweating during sauna therapy eliminates high levels of toxic metals, organic compounds, dioxin, and other toxins. “We use an ozone steam sauna cabinet which allows us to combine the effects of hyperthermia and ozone therapy in a very safe and comfortable way,” he concludes.

Ozone Therapy sessions work very well alongside the consumption of Acilis by Spritzer, our silica-rich drinking water that’s naturally infused with silica from the rainforests of the Maxwell Hills of Malaysia. Find out more about Ozone Steam Saunas at

 (Disclaimer: Any reference to health claims are attributed to scientific research or reflect the views of private individuals, and do not represent a claim by Acilis by Spritzer or Ozone Therapy UK.)




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