The name of the product is actually silica spelled backwards.

The water is more natural and abundant and not synthetically produced which differs it from many other brands of bottled water. Most bottles do not contain any silica at all.

The considerable effect of silica on human health has attracted the attention of many scientists led by UK scientist Professor Christopher Exley, a world authority on aluminium and its connection with silicon.

He has proven that the water has the power to remove the neurotoxicity of aluminium from humans.

Prof. Exley is currently planning several clinical tests to research whether removing neurotoxic aluminium could be a lifestyle precaution against ill health later in life.

His research consists of people drinking about a litre of Acilis a day to measure the effects and possibly observe a decrease in aluminium.

Mrs Latham also set up a website to distribute the water through an online sales platform, she said: “We will be donating 10 per cent of sales of Acilis towards further Keele research.”

Acilis is now available online through at the price of 55p per bottle and will soon be introduced in High Street stores in Brighton.