Drinking silicawater as lifestyle choice accords with global study

Dementia cases will treble within a few decades unless people adopt healthier lifestyles, a major study of global health reports (Daily Mail January 7, 2022)

Which accords to what is also recommended by the world leading authority on neurotoxic aluminium, Professor Christopher Exley, who suggests regularly drinking silicon-rich mineral water as a precautionary lifestyle choice with regards to ever rising cases of Alzheimer’s – the devastating neurological disorder with no known cause or cure.

The new Global Burden of Disease study led by the University of Washington, concluded with reports from 195 countries that dementia would sore from 57 million in 2019 to 153 million worldwide by 2050.

The UK professor, known as Mr Aluminium in scientific circles, says that – after 35 years study of the ubiquitous metal commonly used as an additive in our food, tap water, medications and cosmetics – his scientific research shows drinking silicon-rich mineral water safely removes aluminium from the body through urine.

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