Epilepsy – how Acilis silicawater is making a difference

Epilepsy – how Acilis silicawater is making a difference

“Since my daughter Lisa started drinking Acilis by Spritzer silicawater, I am pleased to say she has stopped having seizures from her epilepsy. I am going to share this with her hospital consultant because I want others to know the difference it has made.” Message received from Michelle, Blackpool.

In support of research, Silicawaters.com offers discounts to epilepsy support groups. Just contact info@silicawaters.com

Toxic aluminium overload linked to epilepsy for the first time

UK scientific research has revealed for the first time a correlation between epilepsy and neurotoxic aluminium overload.

Newly developed aluminium-specific fluorescence microscopy highlighted for the first time unusually high levels of aluminium in brain tissue belonging to an individual who died following an overdose of alum salts in tap water. This was caused by an overload of aluminium salts being dropped into a water treatment plant in the Cornish town of Camelford over 30 years ago.

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