I can’t recommend Silica Waters highly enough.



Helen Mantell (Cornwall)
We’ve bought Silica Waters Acilis Water for a while now. The water has a wonderful, crisp fresh taste however I primarily bought it because of the evidence that shows it helps to remove aluminium from the body. Coming from a family who are prone to autoimmune disorders I do everything I can to reduce exposure to pro-inflammatory, immune disruptors and aluminium is right up there – and it’s impossible to avoid. I can’t provide any lab data to back up my experience however all I can say is our autoimmune-type symptoms have reduced across the board. It’s also important to me that the bottle that it comes in is BPA free so that we’re not exposing ourselves to additional hormone disruptors. Service-wise, I can’t recommend Silica Waters highly enough. Our orders usually arrive e within 24 hours and are fully tracked. The whole process is effortless from start to finish.
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