I WORK AS A NUTRITIONIST AND RECOMMEND SILICA WATER TO ALL MY CLIENTS.                                                                   

My husband works next to a machine shop that cuts aluminium. There is a high proportion of workers that have died from cancer or suffered mental health issues. He actually works in an office adjacent to the machine shop and it has been very comforting to know that he drinks silica water each day in order to support detoxification mechanisms.

As a family our two daughters run a dance school and the grandchildren are all dancers. The silica water not only tastes good and seems to quench your thirst more effectively, it also maintains healthy joints and suppleness. I personally use it at the gym. I used to suffer with pins and needles at night before drinking silica water and this has now almost totally gone. I work as a nutritionist and recommend silica water to all my clients. Tonia, Chelmsford

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