I was at first sceptical…now I advise it to anyone

I was at first sceptical…now I advise it to anyone

I was at first sceptical but having read the science, watching The Age of Aluminium and some of Professor Exleys interviews as well as reading his article’s and research papers I introduced silica water to my son’s daily diet.

The noticeable changes were transformative in that my son had neuro development issues which initially impacted his speech to the point his teacher could not understand him and at his 1st assessment the speech therapist said he needed to go on the waiting list for 1:1 therapy.

This was significantly improved after the introduction of silica water which had made his pronunciation and forming of words and stringing together of sentences demonstrably improved. So much so that in his next speech therapy assessment 7 months later, the initial raised concerns were no longer prevalent and he was subsequently discharged with no treatment.

I now have all of my family drinking Silica water as part of our daily diet. I also advise it anyone I come across with  neurological conditions. The research behind silica water and aluminium has opened up my eyes to the possibilities of change for the better.

Brandie Eccles, Kent

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