Remarkable recovery of dog after drinking Acilis


Remarkable recovery of Moon dog after drinking Acilis

We received a remarkable testimonial from a customer who’s dog called “Moon” – a beautiful white Alsatian dog-  was scheduled to be euthanised due to severe neurological problems.

The owner, who was desperate not to lose her beloved pet, contacted the Bioenergetic wellness team Nikki Brown, Mike Daly and Gavin Currie to help her dog by using more natural and nontoxic protocols.

Nikki gave the client her valuable advice and recommended Bioresonance therapy, fulvic minerals and a gentle detox with Acilis water . The vet who was treating “Moon” advised that there was nothing more he could do, and advised that Moon be put to sleep to avoid any more suffering from the dog, as his back legs had ceased due to severe neurological problems.

However, Nikki and the team requested that the euthanasia be postponed to allow Moon to detoxify and heal more naturally over the next 24 to 48 hours. The vet was very reluctant to allow this and said it was best to follow his advice and go ahead with putting Moon to sleep. He then agreed to have a bioresonance pendant fitted to the dog’s collar and to give him regular drinks of Acilis water.

Two days had passed and the owner received a phone call from the vet, expecting to hear the news of her dog’s passing. Instead, she was told to come to the clinic and get Moon and take him home.  The dog that was believed to be at “death’s door” had miraculously recovered and began to not only walk, but actually ran towards his very emotional owner.

This is the second amazing testimonial by a dog owner who has had their very sick pet recover by detoxing with drinking silica rich mineral water within a natural health protocol.

This is an amazing story and shows that Acilis water is very effective in helping humans and animals alike. We understand however that this does not necessarily prove that Acils water is helping to reverse ailments in living things, and there is more research to be done, but our health and wellness team, with the incredible experience of Nikki Brown, will continue to record and endeavour to engage in further research into the health benefits of Acilis.

Wellness team Nikki Brown (, Mike Daly and Gavin Currie

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