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I HAVE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT FAR AND WIDE                                                                                              

I am 70 and have had MS for seven years. Someone told me about the research regarding aluminium and its effects on dementia and MS. So having nothing to lose. I have been drinking it for roughly a month. I drink maybe one or two bottles a day of the 400 mil size. I obviously haven’t noticed a difference in my MS.

I have just ordered another 12 bottles of the larger size, I cannot see that he does any harm and hope that it may stop any further damage from MS. And hopefully deter any nasty results from the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have spread the word about your product far and wide and I am shocked that the government know that aluminium has these awful effects, and yet have done nothing to prevent it being in so many products. Ann, Cornwall

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