Higher level of silica found in ACILIS by Spritzer

The silica content of Acilis by Spritzer has been certified as even higher than listed on the bottle.

A recent lab test showed a level of 60mg/L compared to 55.2mg/L on the label. It also showed Acilis as the purist of waters, being free of all known contaminants.

The test was carried out by USA based NSF International Laboratories, which is officially recognised by America’s Food & Drugs Administration for its authenticity.

The level of silica content can naturally fluctuate at extraction from the water source by several degrees. Scientific research has shown that there must be at least 30mg/L of silica in mineral water for it to be effective in removing aluminium – which suggests that mineral water with a silica content in the low 30s may not be reliable as a detox.

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