How silica-rich water combats toxic attack by aluminium

How silica-rich water combats toxic attack by aluminium

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Research into the potential advantage of drinking silica water by leading scientists shows this undeniable emerging message: Drink silica water regularly as a precaution against potential aluminium contamination, and to boost collagen for soft skin, supple joints and strong nails.

Silica water differs significantly from most mineral waters, as it contains higher levels of silicon than most bottled water. Silicon in soluble form is known as Orthosilicic Acid(OSA) and is usually listed on bottled water labels as Silica measured in milligrams per litre.

Silica is naturally occurring and abundant in silica water and not synthetically produced. OSA is the only form of silicon that humans can effectively digest and absorb into the body’s system. A few bottled waters in Britain contain a tiny level of silica, but most mineral waters do not contain any at all.

Silica-rich water now available  in the UK

Bottled water with a high silica level measured amongst mineral and bottled water called ACILIS by Spritzer is now available in the UK

Sourced from an artesian well deep beneath the Malaysian rainforest, its silica content is the work of nature.

Hygienically bottled at source untouched by human hand in a vast 330 acre (the size of 266 football fields) eco-park naturally surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, it’s unique soft taste is refreshing and inherently cleansing. Available in handy-sized 400m bottles in boxes of 24, or 1.5 litre bottles in boxes of 12 for home delivery.

Spritzer silica water will be available for home delivery direct on-line at , or Ebay


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