Metal particles in polluted air show up even in young children

Metal particles in polluted air shows up even in young children

Disturbing new research on the brains of young children suggests metal particles like neurotoxic aluminium in polluted air we breathe could lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in later life.

The news published in The Guardian* quotes one of the research scientists, Prof Barbara Maher of Lancaster University, as saying: ““It is terrifying because, even in the infants, there is neuropathology in the brain stem. We can’t prove causality so far, but how could you expect these nanoparticles containing those metal species to sit inert and harmless inside critical cells of the brain? That’s the smoking gun – it seriously looks as if those nanoparticles are firing the bullets that are causing the observed neurodegenerative damage.”

UK scientist Professor Christopher Exley, the world leading authority on neurotoxic aluminium, has previously asserted that the air we breathe is polluted with aluminium particles.**

His team also discovered that regular drinking of silicon-rich mineral waters helps the body to remove aluminium via the urine***.

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