Sousas 1.5L x 12

Sousas 0.5L SPARKLING x 20

More choice for lovers of our silicawater is extending customer choice with Sousas gold medal award winning silica-rich water from the glorious Galicia Mountains of Spain.

With a high silica content of 51mg/L, Sousas water has been sourced from deep below the earth for more than 150 years. And is famous in Spain for its therapeutic qualities. Being located nearer home, we are passing on lower transport cost to the UK with a lower retail price for our customers.

Sousas water was awarded gold medal standard by the International Taste Institute Brussels in 2020. Available from as STILL water in BPA-free safe PET recyclable plastic bottles. PLUS Sparkling in stylish 0.5L GLASS bottles!

Initially they will come with Spanish labels, but soon branded with our own labels.

Available in: 

1.5L in box of 12 bottles: £19.90

0.5L in box of 24 bottles: £18.90

0.5L SPARKLING in box of 20 GLASS bottles: £22.56

Mineral content

SOUSAS award winning silicawater has a silica content of 51mg/L and a perfectly balanced pH 7  (.5L GLASS bottles ph5)

Mineral Content (Avg. mg/L)

 Silica 51; Sodium 26.4; Bicarbonate 50.7; Calcium 5.6; Magnesium 1.7; Potassium 2; Total dissolved solids 180; pH7 (sparkling pH5)

 Analysis by independent certified Dr Oliver Rodes Laboratory

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