New: Handy sized small 325ml bottles of Lightly Sparkling ACILIS 

A new handy sized bottle of Lightly Sparkling ACILI by Spritzer is now available for the first time from us at Click here: 

It can be ordered by the box of 24 x bottles of 325ml ACILIS priced at £20.90 including VAT. Postage at £4.90 per box. Or SAVE by ordering a Twin Pack 24x325ml (48 bottles) for £41.80 – but still at the single shipping rate of £4.90 for 2 boxes.

Like the 1L bottle of Lightly Sparkling ACILIS, the carbonated version of our silicawater still possesses all the positive qualities of our original STILL ACILIS water.

To view click here:

Box of 24 bottles of 325ml Sparkling ACILIS by Spritzer

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