Profit on selling new immunity boosting drink – no stock required 

We at – as a certified Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise for good – would like to offer you the chance to make a profit on selling our remarkable ACILIS by Spritzer® artesian silicawater – without having to stock or purchase it first.

How to sell ACILIS by Spritzer® to your website customers

Simply add it to your list of healthy goods for customers to buy on your internet shop, then receive 20% commission on net product sales.

When customers select Acilis silica-rich water, your e-shop will divert them seamlessly to our online shop to buy and have their purchase delivered to their home in days.

No purchase required on the part of your shop - instead your business picks up 20% commission on net product sales either in money or in kind with Acilis water. It's called 'External Affiliate Product Sales' and is simple to add your website shop software, especially if you have Woo Commerce. We use Google Analytics to source referrals from your store and record the commission due

We’ve already set this up with a national retailer of natural complimentary remedies, but now we are offering it to independent health food shops across the UK with online sales.

About Acilis

Silky smooth and naturally rich in soluble silica, ACILIS by Spritzer® artesian water is scientifically proven to uniquely remove neurotoxic and immuno-suppressant aluminium safely from the body, while boosting body collagen for soft skin, supple joints and deterring hair loss. From 62p per 400ml bottle or £1.49 per 1.5L bottle of STILL, or 1L bottle of Lightly Sparkling Acilis.

Also available wholesale at 20% discount on net sales.

Contact Wendy at or freephone 0800 043 468 or view

The Science

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boost your immunity, detox & rejuvenate at silica
boost your immunity, detox & rejuvenate at silica