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‘What is there not to like about Acilis? A great taste and an even better feeling of wellbeing knowing that it is helping to protect your body against the ravages of aluminium!’ – Professor Christopher Exley and a world authority on the connection between aluminium and silicon

Great taste, and very exciting product to launch into the market: Camilla Uttley, retail consultant

Julian Leese – Cheshire: Crisp, clean, refreshing, very enjoyable to drink everyday!

Tegan Philp, Marketing Partnerships Manager, College of Naturopathic Medicine: The water was really delicious, and smooth. It tasted much better than other bottled waters and of course better than tap water too. I would definitely be recommending Acilis, and using it myself especially in a world where you really don’t know what is in your water. As a nutritionist, water quality concerns me. Fluoride and other toxins present in tape water cause nutrients to be depleted and harm the body.

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