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Practitioners’ synergy with research findings into Acilis water
boost your immunity, detox & rejuvenate at silica

Practitioners finding synergy with the research findings that Acilis water offers,  may wish to receive discounts and free samples to share with clients as an incentive to refer our natural artesian water.

NO STOCK OR PURCHASE BY YOU REQUIRED – you just recommend with your EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for the benefit of your clients.

This programme aligns with our status as a certified Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise with Social Enterprise UK, offering support for those impacted by neurological conditions, and retains professional integrity for clinicians, as no commercial interest is involved.

As well as free samples to share with your clients, we offer your practice an exclusive discount code for your clients each time they order Acilis from us at – the exclusive UK importer and distributor of Acilis natural artesian water.

You will also be able to nominate clients who warrant it for free samples of Acilis water.

You will also receive full colour leaflets and electronic leaflets which explain the science backed detox, immunity boosting and rejuvenating qualities unique to silicawater.

We also send you regular eye-catching updates about Acilis water to keep your clients informed on latest research into its detox, immunity and rejuvenating qualities. In particular, its scientifically proven power to remove neurotoxic aluminium from the brain together with our Social Enterprise policy offering free samples and discounts to those with neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, Autism and ADHD.

View the science at:

Please view for further information or contact us at or on freephone 0800 043 1707


Option 1.       

Clients using your practice’s Personal Code (+10) will automatically receive a 10% discount. A further 10% is automatically credited to your Practice’s Account.

From this account you can instruct Acilis to send water to clients on a pro bono basis if their finances are strained.) You can inform clients that Acilis automatically matches their 10% to enable your practice to help out other clients.

(This demonstrates that your practice itself receives no commission/benefit whatsoever.)

Option 2.

Clients using your practice’s Personal Code (+20) will automatically receive a straight 20% discount. Their water is delivered to their homes. They can order online. Your involvement ends there. (You may wish to use this for clients for whom the expense of the water might be more arduous.)

(This demonstrates that your practice receives absolutely no commission/benefit whatsoever.)

Option 3.

Should you choose to receive nothing whatsoever for your own practice simply refer a client using the LMOOR-MS code and the client receives their regular 10% discount as usual but the remaining 10% is credited to the Lowermoor/MS account, which will be used to help either those affected by the Lowermoor Poisoning or those with MS etc.

(This once again demonstrates that your practice receives absolutely no commission whatsoever.)



All we practitioners are constantly faced with the difficulties of conflict-of-interest when it comes to recommending products to our clients.

Entering my 38th year in practice, it is something I have always hated to have to wrestle with.

It is therefore a pleasure to work with SILICAWATERS, safe in the knowledge that I can confidently recommend a product to my clients and that they have no reason to doubt my motives because I have nothing to gain financially from doing so.

As you will have read in the article, I have been loosely involved with the co-founder Rex Garratt for several years trying manfully to launch some pro bono research despite entrenched resistance.

Talking with Rex at more recently, it was evident that if we needed to get this information and this water into the hands – and mouths! – of those who would benefit from drinking it, it is imperative that their primary nonconventional caregivers – that means you! – have to learn about it first. This will enable you to recommend it to your clients … no cast-iron promises, no guarantees, no false hope.

Eventually, if we all do our job properly and we begin to get hundreds and thousands of people drinking this water – and hopefully getting the results that they themselves can record* – we will build up a body of evidence, scientifically validated, that will create interest in our more conventional medical and scientific colleagues.

(*We hope to use the MYMOPS system.)

This is a ground-breaking initiative

By working as ‘barefoot scientists’ doing a form of ‘community-research’, without having to raise £100,000’s and without “making money out of medicine” in the process, it may be possible to help to alleviate suffering with diseases – MS, Parkinson’s, Autism and Alzheimers – which everybody recognises threaten in the future to overwhelm the entire healthcare system, twiddling our thumbs while we wait for a pharmaceutical solution.

The bottom line, it is to be hoped, is that these hundreds and thousands of people will hopefully benefit in terms of improved well-being and will be forever grateful to Rex and his wife Wendy for having had the vision … and to their therapist for having told them about it!

It is also to be hoped that the role that aluminium is currently playing will begin to be fully recognised, and that research to further explore the topic will be funded.

I unreservedly and enthusiastically commend and recommend this initiative to all you practitioners and hope that you will become involved and thereby potentially help your clients … and yourselves and your families and friends.  At least – to use the medical epithet – simply drinking this pure water will “Do no harm!”

My wife and I – like Prof Exley – are keen consumers because we believe in the precautionary principle ourselves … and who amongst us does not have family members and friends with MS, Parkinson’s, Autism and Alzheimers? Apples don’t fall far from their trees!

Peter C K Smith FSHom – Registered Homeopath, Truro, December 2020

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