Baby knows best

Baby knows best

Baby knows best – and her favourite is ACILIS by SPRITZER®

Guess who has developed a taste for natural ACILIS by SPRITZER®   silicawater as early as 5 months old?

Baby Sofia from Sussex as pictured nursing her bottle of Acilis, which her mother says she has clearly shown as her favourite thirst quencher after refusing other drinks.

Breast is best, but when it comes to hydrating – a baby’s instincts obviously knows best – even though she hasn’t learnt to talk yet!

Maybe it’s something to do with the absolute purity of ACILIS by SPRITZER® that has baby appeal with its:

*Soft mellow feel

*Evenly balanced pH level of 7.1

*Ultra low in sodium (below 10mg/L) and sulphate (22mg/L). NHS recommends bottled water for babies should not exceed 200mg/L sodium or 250mg/L sulphate.

*Extraction from an artesian aquafer filtered through 400ft of rock strata beneath protected rainforest

*Sourced from a tropical place rated among the most eco-sustainable on earth.

*Natural state with nothing added, untouched by human hand and merely filtered and UV treated for guaranteed purity.

*Not to mention silicawaters’ potential aluminium detox properties and – although Sofia does not really need it – silica’s accepted collagen boosting qualities for youthful softer skin, supple joints, harder nails and stronger hair.

 Please note: ACILIS by SPRITZER® can be boiled once without effecting its functionality.


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