New support for Thinking Autism offers 15% discount on silicawater

New support for Thinking Autism offers 15% discount on silicawater

mother of autistic 2 year oldNew support for Thinking Autism offers 15% discount on silicawater has accepted an invitation to assist a national support group for families impacted by autism.

This backing in the form of 15% discount offer is now being made available to other autism support groups across Britain. Just email for information.

This will offer family members an exclusive discount of 15% on Acilis by Spritzer – the natural silicawater shown by science to help remove neurotoxic aluminium from the brain.

Thinking Autism ( is a national organisation with a current membership of around 500, all of whom are either families caring for a child or adult with autism, or individuals with autism. It is the only UK charity whose primary focus is health issues in autism. Many of their members use functional foods and water either to improve their own health or that of their children, sometimes with very positive results.

Acilis by Spritzer is the natural artesian water used by UK scientists at Keele University who made the discovery that silicawater has the unique power to capture and remove toxic aluminium from the body.

Research led by Professor Christopher Exley of Keele University, inspired to make Acilis by Spritzer available in Britain for the first time, importing it from its source 6,500 miles away from an underground aquifer beneath protected rainforest in Malaysia.

Trials showed that drinking 1 litre a day of silicawater is an affective, non-invasive and harmless way to help remove aluminium from the body. It can be taken throughout the day and can be boiled once to make a hot drink, tea or coffee.

You Tube video Professor Christopher Exley:



Anecdotal testimonials from parents of children with autism have also shown that giving the child Acilis silica-rich water daily has been positive, although advertising standards authority regulations prevent us from publicising their testimonials, but they are available on request to

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