Acilis by Spritzer pH 7.1: next to nature’s purist water

Acilis by Spritzer pH 7.1: next to nature’s purist water

Debate about the pH level of water we drink is flourishing – whether alkaline or acidic. But in nature the purist water is evenly balanced at 7 on the pH scale.

There is no label on tap water to show its pH level, but most bottled waters do show it, including Acilis by Spritzer silica-rich artesian water which has a pH level of 7.1 – nearly as neutral and pure as you can get.

Being evenly balanced between alkaline and acidic may be why Acilis tastes so smooth and soothing – even at room temperature. And why you can drink it by the glassful and feel so refreshed, you want to drink even more for healthy hydration.

As a functional water, Acilis is naturally infused with the mineral silica (55.2 mg/L), scientifically proven to help remove neurotoxic aluminium from the body, while also naturally boosting body collagen for youthful skin, supple joints, harder nails and stronger hair.

That’s why scientists recommend drinking Silicawater daily as a lifestyle choice to offset neurotoxic conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS and autism.

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