Acilis by Spritzer silica-rich water helps remove aluminium metal from the body

Question: I’ve been enjoying your water and its great taste, thanks! But is it true that silica-rich water can remove heavy metals from the body?

Answer from Many thanks for the compliments! We’re delighted you’ve been enjoying ACILIS by Spritzer silica-rich water, and yes, it is true that silica waters canĀ  help remove metals like aluminium from your body.

The form silica comes in naturally in our water is able to pass through the gut wall, and bind with heavy metal aluminium in the blood, therefore enabling this heavy metal to be safely flushed out of the body. It is very important for us all to take measures to remove heavy metals such as aluminium from the body, as, according to aluminium expert Professor Chris Exley, we are now living in the “aluminium age”. Aluminium is contained in many everyday products, such as cookware, cosmetics and medications, yet is not a nutrient and has no known positive biological function.

Silicawater is also accepted as boosting collagen production in the body; strengthening teeth and nails; encouraging smoother skin and shinier hair, and also boosting bone and arterial health.

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