ACILIS by Spritzer® – uniquely eco-sustainable silicawater

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ACILIS by Spritzer® – uniquely eco-sustainable silicawater

A global award winning artesian water sourced from a tropical haven listed as among the top eco-sustainable areas on earth, is fast making its mark across Europe with rare properties of ‘functionality’.

For ACILIS by Spritzer water, as it is branded in Britain and the EU, has been found to be scientifically proven with the power to help remove potentially toxic aluminium from humans. Gifted by nature as an enabler of natural life energy that sets ACILIS by Spritzer apart – by infusing your body in nature’s vitality

ACILIS by Spritzer (the name is SILICA read backwards) is sourced from an artesian aquifer and naturally infused with silica as it filters through 420ft of rock strata beneath pristine and protected Malaysian rainforest.

It is then bottled at source, untouched by human hand, in a state-of-the-art bottling plant surrounded by rainforest, where tropical floral and fauna abound, with a sanctuary for over 100 species of birds, and where troupes of monkeys and wild boar roam freely.

ACILIS by Spritzer water sustainability is proven by over 25 years of continuous extraction from an aquifer beneath rainforest hills that boast the highest tropical rainfall in the whole of Malaysia, which ensures the underground source of silicawater is constantly replenished with fresh rain, and extraction remains totally sustainable.

Not only has this bottled water won the London based Global Brand Awards four years running, it is sourced in the Maxwell Hills besides the heritage city of Taiping – listed this year as among the top three eco-sustainable cities destinations in the world.

It was awarded at an annual travel and tourism show in Berlin (International Tourism Exchange Berlin) in the “Best of Cities” category that recognises leadership in urban sustainability avoiding disruption from over-tourism. Blessed with the natural beauty of pristine tropical scenery, lake gardens, wildlife, flora and fauna, Taiping was also listed as among the top 100 eco-sustainable destinations in the world. View: (

The brand known as Spritzer water is the biggest selling bottled water in Malaysia. Its owner has acquired 330 acres of rainforest surrounding the water source to safeguard both its integrity and purity. This protected landbank has been verified by the Geology Department to be 200-214 million years old, dated back to the late Triassic Period.

To celebrate its protected status, the water source and surrounding rainforest has been established an Eco-Park by Spritzer, where the public are given the opportunity to see for themselves where this rare silicawater infused with natural vitality is extracted and bottled.

Its absolute purity is illustrated by the fact that ACILIS by Spritzer only requires filtration treatment and ultra violet ray exposure to make it refreshingly drinkable as a soft and mellow water naturally infused with silica.

This mineral, a rarity found only as soluble silica, known as orthosilicic acid, is unique in being naturally bio-available and bio-absorbable by the body. It has been proven by scientists at Keele University in the UK to help remove aluminium – a known neurotoxin – from the human body.



A growing number of those affected by  disorders now drink ACILIS by Spritzer on a daily basis; and have left moving testimonials reporting how silicawater changed their lives for the better.

Silica in ACILIS by Spritzer is also recognised for its power to boost body collagen for tissue-connectivity, promoting soft, wrinkle-free skin, supple joints, harder nails, and deterring hair loss.

ACILIS by Spritzer is mainly distributed for home delivery online from the UK by priced at 55p for 400ml bottle and £1.32 for a 1.5L bottle. It is also available in the Netherlands by

For further information about ACILIS by Spritzer view, or in Malaysia.

View photos of Taiping’s ‘Rain’ trees and Lake Gardens:

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